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What Aftercare Is Needed for Breast Implant Surgery?

What Aftercare Is Needed for Breast Implant Surgery?

Have you dreamed of bigger, perkier breasts for years? Thanks to breast augmentation, your bikini dreams could soon be a reality. All that stands between you and your ideal breasts is surgery and recovery. We’re sure you’re excited about an upcoming surgery, but you may be a little nervous too. What will happen after surgery? […]

How Long Do I Need to Sleep Elevated After a Tummy Tuck?

After a tummy tuck, Dr. Clinton asks his patients to temporarily sleep in an elevated position. Elevating the upper body relaxes tension and takes strain off your incisions. When you’re fully lying down, the skin and abdominal muscles stretch out and extend. A curved positioning is gentler on your incisions than lying flat on your […]

9 Things You Need at Home to Make Plastic Surgery Recovery Comfortable

Few patients look forward to their recovery from plastic surgery, but the truth is, when you’re prepared, the experience can be enjoyable. We encourage our patients to prep a little in advance so when recovery time comes, they can kick back and relax. Remember, recovery only lasts a couple of weeks, while the results of […]

Facelift Series: Recovery

What’s keeping you from scheduling your facelift consultation? For many of our patients, fear of the recovery process keeps them from coming in and learning more about their facial rejuvenation options. We’ll be honest, recovery after a facelift isn’t going to be as enjoyable as a trip to Disneyland, but with the right expectations and […]

Breast Augmentation Recovery: What To Expect After Surgery

When it comes to breast augmentation, many patients often have questions about the recovery period: Will it be painful? How long does it last? Does it require complete bed rest for several weeks? If you plan to get breast implants, these questions and many others are probably on your mind as well. In all honesty, […]