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What Aftercare Is Needed for Breast Implant Surgery?

Have you dreamed of bigger, perkier breasts for years? Thanks to breast augmentation, your bikini dreams could soon be a reality. All that stands between you and your ideal breasts is surgery and recovery.

We’re sure you’re excited about an upcoming surgery, but you may be a little nervous too. What will happen after surgery? What’s recovery like? This aftercare guide will help you prepare for your breast implant surgery and recovery.

What’s Recovery Like After Breast Implant Surgery?

Recovery after breast augmentation happens quickly. You’ll be down for a few days, but with each passing day, you’ll feel a little better and can complete more daily tasks. Plan on missing one to two weeks from work. Avoid arm and chest exercises for at least four to six weeks.

Most of our patients go home the day of their surgery. No overnight hospital stay is needed. You’ll need someone to bring you to surgery and pick you up and take you home when you’re done. We recommend having a responsible and helpful adult at home for the first couple of days, just in case you need a little help.

How will you feel after your surgery? Most of our patients report feeling tired and needing extra rest for the first few days. You may feel tightness or tenderness in the breast area. Pain medications, both over-the-counter and prescription options, can help you to rest comfortably as you recover.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Recovery: 5 Things to Do Now

With a little prep, you can have an easier and more enjoyable recovery experience. Try these simple preparations to make sure you’re ready for your upcoming surgery.

Recovery after breast augmentation is best when you partner with the right team of certified experts. We’re here if you need us. Call us at (205) 408-9787 to schedule your breast implant consultation at Reveal Beauty today.