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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

When it comes to breast augmentation, many patients often have questions about the recovery period: Will it be painful? How long does it last? Does it require complete bed rest for several weeks? If you plan to get breast implants, these questions and many others are probably on your mind as well.

In all honesty, the recovery period for each patient varies greatly. It’s because each woman is different with regards to pain tolerance, recovery response, and overall health. In addition, there are also surgical variables that can affect the recovery process, which includes incision type, implant used, placement, and implant size.

What to Expect

To help you understand better what the recovery period is like, here are some things you can expect.

Recovery Milestones

The recovery period starts right after you wake up from surgery. Typically, the overall duration of the recovery is about six weeks and involves different milestones in the process.

In the first 24 hours, you may feel moderate pain at the surgical site as well as some swelling and bruising in the chest area. Two to three days later, you can manage the pain with over-the-counter medications. Your doctor will also ask you to wear a compression garment to protect the wounds and to ease the discomfort.

One week after surgery, you may return to work and perform light activities. About two weeks later, you may feel your body is ready to return to normal activities without pain. You should avoid strenuous activities, though.

In about four weeks after your breast augmentation, you can return to most of your activities and begin normal exercise routines. However, you should avoid any routines that target the chest area so as not to strain the incisions.

The sixth week marks the completion of the recovery process, and you can return to your daily activities without restraints. You can also start bra shopping at this point.

Pain Intensity

The degree of pain may vary, but the intensity is higher in the first few days of the recovery. You can manage the pain through prescription pain medications and over-the-counter painkillers. Additionally, the level of pain will depend on the surgical technique your surgeon used, as well as the implant placement you’ve chosen.


The scars from breast surgery, like most other scars, are typically lasting.  However, Dr. Clinton is a skilled surgeon who will make sure to place the incision in an area with low visibility. Also, he will provide scar care instructions so they will fade over time.

Implant Settling

It’s normal for the implants to feel hard and sit in an elevated position right after surgery. As each day passes, they will start to soften and settle into their proper position. Their appearance will gradually improve as well.

During your recovery period, you can expect frequent follow-up visits with Dr. Clinton to ensure that you’ll heal properly. For more questions about breast augmentation recovery, feel free to talk with Dr. Clinton. Schedule a consultation today.