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What to Expect During a Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift, also known as mastopexy, addresses sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume and drooping nipples and stretched areolas (the darker area surrounding the nipples), recreating a youthful shape and lift to your breasts.

Dr. Kamran Khoobehi, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Metairie, Los Angeles, explains that when a patient has sagging breasts following a pregnancy, weight loss or a genetic inheritance and is only happy with the appearance of her breasts in a bra, which he refers to as an external lift, then he recommends a breast lift.

“It is not a matter of size but a matter of shape. If the patient is very small with A-size breasts that are sagging, I combine a lift with fat grafting for upper fullness and cleavage. Then at a later stage add implants for size,” explains Dr. Khoobehi.

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