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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

You’re ready to restore your body with a mommy makeover by Dr. Clinton. Say goodbye to that saggy tummy and those deflated breasts. You’re going to love your sexy new curves after surgery. 

After a mommy makeover, many patients tell us they look better than they did even before pregnancy. However, if you don’t maintain your results, they won’t last. Stubborn fat has a way of sneaking back onto your waistline. 

How can you maintain your mommy makeover results? We’re sharing four of our favorite tips.

Create Results You Want to Maintain

Keeping up motivation is one of the most challenging parts of any healthy lifestyle change, but the good news is, your mommy makeover may help you succeed. When you look in the mirror and see a sculpted tummy and lifted breasts, you may find the motivation you need to keep trying. 

Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon, like Dr. Clinton, for your procedure will ensure your results are the way you envisioned them, or even better. A skilled surgeon creates mommy makeover results you’ll want to maintain.

Get Moving!

What’s your favorite physical activity? Regular exercise is key to keeping your body strong and healthy. It is one of the best things you can do for your body after a mommy makeover. 

Some of our favorite physical activities include:

The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity and muscle-strengthening activities, like weightlifting, at least two times each week. These are baseline recommendations, not maximums. Move as much as you can, but make sure you’re working out at least 150 minutes each week.

Load up on Fruits and Veggies

Fill your plate with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables at every meal. Strive for at least five servings a day, more if you can. 

Lots of fruits and veggies aren’t just good for your waistline. Fresh produce can help you lower your risk for many other health conditions, too, including heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes. 

No More Babies

We love chubby cheeks and silky soft baby skin too, but babies are like Kryptonite for your mommy makeover results. Grow your family first and then, when you’re done, plan your mommy makeover. Future pregnancies are physically safe, but they will cause many of the same changes as your previous pregnancies, essentially reversing the results of your procedures. 

We tell women to wait until they are no longer planning future pregnancies or breastfeeding to schedule their surgical consultation. If you can still become pregnant, find and use an effective form of birth control to ensure you won’t have an unexpected pregnancy.

Mommy Makeovers in Birmingham, AL

Are you ready to regain your self-confidence and get the shape of your dreams? Contact us to schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Clinton today.