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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery


Do you love documenting special events with a selfie? Good for you! Did you know that individuals who take selfies feel more confident about themselves, particularly if they garner considerable number of likes and receive flattering comments from friends and family?

However, if your double chin is keeping you from looking your very best in your selfies, you might want to consider Kybella.

As you probably know, a double chin is caused by accumulated fat found below the chin that doesn’t go away even if you lose weight. This can make your face look unflattering when you take a selfie, especially if your head is leaning down to look at the camera. Fortunately, Kybella can eliminate double chin without undergoing surgery.

What is Kybella?

This non-surgical but minimally invasive cosmetic treatment is an injectable substance that eliminates fat cells below the chin. This is an FDA-approved treatment that provides permanent results as the fat cells that are destroyed do not grow back again. If you do gain weight, however, the double chin will be caused by new fat cells.

In six weeks’ time, you will see gradual improvements on your double chin until it is completely gone.

How can Kybella benefit me?

What you will love about Kybella is that it’s the only cosmetic treatment available that eliminates the double chin. There are others that help remove the turkey neck but mostly involve surgical procedures, such as a neck lift or a liposuction. This cosmetic treatment is definitely perfect for those who don’t have severe chin fat with sagging skin.

Another reason you will love this cosmetic treatment is that it doesn’t require long periods of downtime nor a painful recovery. During the procedure, Dr. Clinton will apply a topical numbing cream or local anesthesia on the area. After that, he will use small injections in the chin area. Following the procedure, you can go home and resume your normal activities. You may experience bruising or swelling, but you don’t need to wear a chin strap for days unlike after a liposuction.

Taking selfies is more enjoyable when you’re feeling confident with your face or when you have a sculpted chin because no matter what angle you take a self-portrait, you can look your best.

If you want to learn more about Kybella, how it can benefit you or if this cosmetic injectable is for you, consult with Dr.  Michael Clinton today.