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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is a hugely popular procedure, and it’s also highly customized. In your consultation, you’ll make choices about the size, shape, position, and type of implant for the best fit with your body and goals.

One of the lesser-known decisions you’ll make will be around the implant profile. Implant profile is different from size and shape, though it’s related to both. It’s the measure of how far your breasts will project from the chest wall when viewed from the side — your breast profile.

Implant Profile Options

One way to think of implant profile is as the thickness or height of the implant when placed on a flat surface. A thinner or less raised implant has a lower profile. A thicker or more protruding implant has a higher profile.

This is not merely a matter of size; two implants of the same volume can have very different profiles. One with a greater width will have a lower profile, and one with a smaller width will have a higher profile. When placed in your breast, that difference in thickness translates into greater or lesser projection.

Implants profiles are classified into three groups:

Low-profile implants are the thinnest group and add the least amount of projection from your chest. You might choose a low-profile implant if you have a wide chest or are looking to make a more subtle enhancement to your breasts. They create natural-looking, teardrop-shaped breasts.

Moderate-profile implants are the middle group. They have a bit more thickness and give more projection to the breasts than do low-profile implants. You might choose moderate-profile implants if you have a narrow chest or are looking for a bit more of an enhancement than a low-profile implant would give. Moderate-profile implants can also create very natural-looking results.

High-profile implants add the most projection to your breasts. They create fuller, more rounded breasts than the lower-profile options, and add more volume in the upper part of the breast to accentuate the cleavage. You might choose high-profile implants if you are looking for a more dramatic change.

Choosing the Profile that Fits with Your Physique and Your Goals

Different profiles are suited to different body types — low-profile implants for women with broad chests, and moderate or high-profile implants for women with narrower chests. As part of your consultation, your plastic surgeon will take measurements of your chest and explain how implants with different profiles will work with your physique. The surgeon will also ask questions to understand your goals for the procedure — whether you are looking to make a subtle or a more dramatic change, what you consider your ideal breast shape, etc. — which may impact the choice of profile. 3D imaging may also be used to give you a preview of how implants of different sizes, shapes, and profiles will look on you.

The basis for all of these decisions is your unique physique and your vision of your ideal body. Your plastic surgeon will work with you to make choices and plan the procedure to give you the most beautiful results. Because these are complex aesthetic choices, your first decision — which plastic surgeon to work with — is your most important one. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing breast augmentation surgery and who has a track record of excellent results. Review the surgeon’s before-and-after photos for natural-looking results, paying special attention to women with bodies similar to your own.

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