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Hollywood Laser Peel

Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Hollywood Laser Peel

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Hollywood Laser Peel

Hollywood Laser Peel Birmingham, AL

Glowing, radiant skin marks health, vitality, and youth, but it’s a goal that’s hard to achieve and maintain with the effects of the environment, aging, and other genetic factors. With help from Reveal Beauty, you can enjoy luminous skin in the long-term. At our facility, we conveniently and affordably offer the Hollywood Laser Peel in Birmingham, AL – an effective treatment to reveal fresher looking skin.

To learn more about the Hollywood Laser Peel, keep reading. If you are ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Clinton or Dr. Pearce, contact us today by calling 205-408-9787.

About the Hollywood Laser Peel

As skin treatments, laser resurfacing and peels are common, and many patients have heard of them from friends or advertisements. But what is specific and different about the Hollywood laser peel?

This laser resurfacing treatment leaves patients’ skin glowing, appearing more radiant and younger-looking than ever.

The treatment works by sending heat energy deep into the dermis, ultimately causing a patient’s skin to tighten and retract. Further, this same heat targets the discoloration (pigmentation) in the skin cells and destroys it. The body then removes it naturally. With the combination of a chemical peel topical solution and laser technology, patients enjoy beautifully revitalized skin.

For ongoing results, many patients choose to incorporate the Hollywood Laser Peel into their monthly schedules. Others choose to have the treatment performed prior to a big event, such as a wedding, reunion, public appearance, or job interview, among others. The more consistent treatments you receive, the more dramatic results you can expect to see.

As every individual has different goals, treatment options are completely customizable; you choose what you want. If you are still unsure about the number of treatments you need, speak to the doctor for your personalized treatment plan and care recommendations. After learning your motives for pursuing the Hollywood Laser Peel, Dr. Clinton or Dr. Pearce can better determine the appropriate treatment for you. Having a clear picture of your expectations helps our team precisely meet your needs.

The Hollywood Laser Peel Benefits

It is significant to note that this comprehensive laser peel skin treatment is not just for women, though many cosmetic skin services are aimed at this clientele. In fact, both men and women have found the procedure to be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Improvement in skin tone and texture
  • Smoother, softer skin
  • A youthful, glowing appearance
  • No downtime
  • Effective for all skin tones
  • Reduction in unwanted lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulation of collagen, resulting in firmer skin texture
  • Completely pain-free experience

What to Expect During Hollywood Laser Peel Treatment

As the first step of the process, a layer of carbon lotion is gently spread across the targeted area. The patient will rest for ten to fifteen minutes, giving the lotion time to set. The laser will pass over the area to further this process.

As the laser works, it is common to hear a snapping sound, followed by a slight tingling. The treated area will also grow warm, as both the lotion and a very fine layer of skin are treated. The entire process takes around thirty minutes to complete.

While it may be hard to believe, many patients consider the Hollywood Laser Peel to be a pain-free procedure. Though you will feel a heating sensation as described above, it is more common to describe this feeling as uncomfortable, but not painful. There are no needles or invasive processes as a part of your cosmetic procedure.

There is also no downtime following treatment; patients are provided with instructions to care for their newly treated skin but do not need to take time off work for at-home recuperation. It is significant to note that this doesn’t mean you will notice immediate results. Most patients begin to see results within forty-eight hours of treatment, after which the aesthetic effects become even more prominent. Results develop and mature over time and can be augmented with follow-up visits as recommended by our physicians.

Call for your Laser Skin Peel Consultation!

At Reveal Beauty, our entire staff has one common goal: complete patient satisfaction. We want to help you look and feel your absolute best through attentive and personalized care. With the Hollywood Laser peel, we can meet your skin goals and help you look radiant for your big event or in everyday life. Schedule your Birmingham laser skin peel consultation with Dr. Clinton or Dr. Pearce! Contact the professional staff at Reveal Beauty today by calling 205-408-9787.

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