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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

plastic surgeon working on breast augmentation

How do you choose the best plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation in Birmingham, AL? In a connected world, patients have more tools than ever to evaluate surgeons and find their best fit. Before and after photos are extremely helpful and, if you know how to use them, they can provide you with invaluable information about potential surgeons for your breast surgery. 

Get ready to play detective! Each before and after photo set you see on a surgeon’s website is packed with clues. Here’s what to look for:


The breasts are often called “the twins”, but much of the time, they are not identical. As you look at before and after breast augmentation photos, pay careful attention to the symmetry of the breasts, especially in the after photos. Ideally, the left breasts and the right breast should look very similar. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Think of it as a breast-themed game of “Find the Differences” as you compare the breasts. If the differences you spot are few, you are likely looking at the work of a highly-skilled breast augmentation surgeon. 


Beautiful breasts come in all sizes. More important than cup size is proportion, something you can easily spot in before-and-after breast augmentation photos. A simple question to ask as you evaluate proportion is, “Do the breasts fit the body?” Proportionate breasts complement body shape and size; they look natural, like they belong. Proportion encompasses many aspects of the breast, including size, shape, placement on the chest, and how they look in comparison to the natural frame of the body.  


Can you spot the scars? Mild scarring is likely after any surgical procedure, but a good plastic surgeon will know how to hide it. Surgeons often place incisions in natural creases and transitions, camouflaging their appearance and helping them to hide, even when they’re in plain sight. 

Nude photos are best for evaluating scars. Look at the location and size of any scars that you see in the photos. Would the scar easily hide under a bikini or bra top? Scars are an inevitable part of the surgery, but highly-skilled surgeons will select ideal placements for all incisions.

Beautiful Results in Every Shape and Size

At Reveal Beauty, we love diversity. Creating natural-looking breast augmentation results for patients of every shape and size is one of our passions. As you look through before and afters, make sure your potential surgeon’s work isn’t one-size-fits-all. Look for a variety of body shapes and sizes. Specifically, look for women in the gallery with similar anatomy and ethnicity to your own. 

The after photos shouldn’t always look the same, but they should always look beautiful. 

Would I Be Happy if These Were My Breast Augmentation Results? 

The final question we recommend asking is, “Would I be happy if these were my breast augmentation results?” 

You don’t try to pick oranges from an apple tree, and you shouldn’t hope to receive breast augmentation results that are far different from what you see in a surgeon’s gallery. If you don’t like the breasts you see, that surgeon is probably not your best fit. If you love the results, that surgeon is one to consider. 

Love What You See in the Before and After Gallery? Take the Next Step

If a before and after gallery passes your tests, take the next step and schedule a consultation to visit their office and meet in person. Before and after photos are a valuable step in the screening process, but they are only the first step. An in-person consultation is one of the most-effective ways to gauge if a practice is a good fit for your goals and personality. 

In Birmingham, AL, contact Reveal Beauty to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Clinton.