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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery


Halloween is over, and it’s time to get rid of everything spooky in your life: spider webs, vampire teeth, and yes—those pesky bat wings. When we say bat wings, we’re talking about the excess fat and skin in your arms that cause flabby skin to hang down when you hold your arms out. They are some of the most frustrating things a person can deal with—no matter how much you work out or diet, they don’t seem to go away. In fact, bat wings can even be an unintended side effect to extreme weight loss. It’s time to turn this lose-lose situation around by getting an arm-lift, also known as a brachioplasty.

Why an Arm Lift?

Sometimes-thanks to genetics, weight fluctuations, or simple aging-people start to develop loose skin that hangs down their arms. In a world that considers tight, toned arms as symbols of health and fitness, bat wings can be embarrassing and unsightly. Even the most athletic, incredibly fit arms can be concealed by bat wings.


An arm lift is a body-contouring procedure, meaning it surgically reshapes your arms so that it looks more athletic and toned. Essentially, extra fat and skin will be removed, and the supporting tissue left behind will be tightened for a more sculpted look.

The Procedure:

There’s actually a great amount of flexibility as to where the incision is made, and it will all come down to what you and your surgeon will decide. Typically, the incision is made on the inside of the arm where it can be easily hidden, and spans from the top of the arm to the elbow.

When’s the Best Time to Get It?

Come to think of it, pretty much right about now would be the best time to get an arm lift. What’s more in vogue in the fall and winter than warm, bulky cardigans and sweaters? Cold weather attire is perfect for having a discreet recovery from an arm lift; they’re also loose and soft enough to cover your incisions comfortably. Imagine having to hide your incisions with short sleeve shirts and tank tops in the summer! There’s nothing more comfortable and festive that recovering with a cozy, ugly Christmas sweater, so book this arm lift now to be able to recover and heal in the coziest time of the year.

Now that Halloween is done for, it’s time to ring in the holiday season by contacting Reveal Beauty to schedule a consultation for an arm lift.