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Breastfeeding a baby can be a special, bonding experience. If you’re planning on having children in the future, but want breast surgery now, will you still be able to breastfeed? Here’s what you need to know about breastfeeding after breast augmentation, reduction, or lift.

Breast Surgery and Milk Supply

The breasts are complex anatomical structures, filled with fat, glandular tissues, nerves, and milk ducts. Milk is produced in the glandular tissues, also called alveoli. When the nerves are stimulated by your hungry baby, milk travels through the milk ducts to the openings in the nipple. Incisions in the breast can sever nerve connections and milk ducts, potentially compromising your milk supply. The type of breast surgery you receive and the techniques your plastic surgeon use can impact your body’s ability to produce milk.

The only way to know how your breast surgery will impact breastfeeding is to give it a try. Some women will have reduced milk production, others will not experience any problems. Working with a trained lactation consultant that is experienced helping mothers after breast surgery can dramatically increase your odds of success.

How Does Breastfeeding Affect Breast Appearance?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can dramatically change the size, shape, and appearance of the breasts. Common breast changes include:

Women that have had previous breast surgeries may require a revision procedure to restore their breast appearance after breastfeeding. Likewise, women without a previous surgery will also notice changes and may decide that breast surgery is needed to restore a youthful breast shape. We often include breast procedures in our mommy makeover.

How Long Should I Wait to Schedule Breast Surgery After Breastfeeding?

The breasts will continue to change in size and shape until after you’ve finished breastfeeding. We recommend that patients wait at least 3-6 months after breastfeeding to schedule a cosmetic breast surgery consultation.

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