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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Many moms find it a joy and a blessing to have little tots run around the house giggling and laughing to their hearts to content. While the pregnancy stage is not always a bed or roses, many mothers find it a worthwhile experience, especially after they hold their tiny baby in their arms.

Indeed, motherhood can change a woman’s life in different ways. Of course, it’s not only the life of the mother that changes, but also her body. In most women, these physical changes stay even after childbirth. If you want to remove the unflattering souvenirs left behind after your pregnancy, then you can do it successfully with a mommy makeover.

The First Step to Your Gorgeous Transformation

It’s no secret that many mothers stay sexy and gorgeous after they have kids with the help of a mommy makeover. As this procedure involves a series of treatments to sculpt and enhance the body, yours can be unique. All you need to do is to consult Dr. Clinton to determine what procedures are perfect for your body goals.

Various procedures can target different concerns in your body, such as belly pooch, excess fat, and deflated breasts. Whatever problems you may have, Dr. Clinton can recommend a course of treatment that will correct each flaw.

Common Mommy Makeover Procedures

A personal consultation with Dr. Clinton will determine what procedures can form part of your surgical makeover. In general, you can include these procedures to transform your body completely:

• Tummy Tuck – This is the most popular as it not only flattens the stomach but also removes stretch marks and tightens the abdominal muscles. It also removes excess skin. When paired with a liposuction, you can regain your slim waist from before you had a baby.
• Breast Enhancement – This comes in different forms. For saggy breasts or droopy nipples, a breast lift can correct them. For deflated breasts, a breast augmentation can increase their size. You can choose to have both if you feel that your breasts have lost their shape, beauty, and appeal.
• Fat Grafting – This is the process of harvesting excess fat from your abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, and injects the fat into your face or breasts for added fullness.

Be Your Gorgeous Self Again

If you want your old body back, you can definitely benefit from a mommy makeover. Not only will it restore your pre-baby body and enhance it even further, it can also renew your self-confidence. A sculpted body is only a call away, so request a free consultation with Dr. Clinton today to start this exciting journey.