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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

It’s never easy to hear the word no, but a good plastic surgeon uses the word often. We want our patients to be delighted by their results and to receive treatments that will be safe and beneficial. 

If your surgeon tells you no, they probably have a good reason for it. Here are some common reasons why Dr. Clinton may refuse to perform a procedure.

Expectations that Don’t Match Reality

Plastic surgery is responsible for some dramatic transformations, but there are limits to what we can create. For example, a patient that is receiving breast augmentation may be limited in their implant size by the amount of natural breast tissue they possess. If we place implants that are too large in a patient, we can’t achieve good coverage and the implants may look unnatural. 

Another case where expectations may not line up with reality is life after plastic surgery. We can lift your cheeks or change your nose, but plastic surgery won’t change the whole world. Some patients come in expecting unrealistic changes after their procedures. 

If your expectations aren’t realistic, you’re not going to love your results. We work with patients to help them reset their expectations, or if that isn’t possible, may tell a patient that the procedure isn’t the right fit.

Safety Concerns

Safety is paramount at Clinton Plastic Surgery. Dr. Clinton carefully chooses the procedures he offers to ensure optimal patient safety. Before he operates, Dr. Clinton always performs a careful patient evaluation and medical history to ensure your procedure is safe. We use the latest safety equipment and operate in an AAAASF accredited facility

One area where we pay close attention to safety is combining treatments. Our mommy makeover pairs multiple procedures together to help moms recover from the after-effects of pregnancy and delivery. These combination treatments save time and make recovery easier, but we must carefully consider what treatments we pair. Too many treatments at once or too long in the operating room can increase risk.

Not the Right Treatment

In the era of the Internet, our patients are highly educated. Many come to us requesting treatments by name. We love these suggestions, as long as patients are willing to consider alternatives too. The treatment you think you need, may not be the right fit for you.

Some patients come in asking for dermal fillers when what they really need is a facelift. Our non-surgical and less invasive options help many patients to avoid surgery, but if surgery is what you need for the best results, we’re going to let you know.

What Is a Plastic Surgery SIMON?

In the plastic surgery industry, some surgeons use an acronym to describe characteristics that may predispose a patient to discontent with their results. This acronym is SIMON and it stands for:

You won’t hear us use this term. We evaluate each patient individually to determine their candidacy for a procedure.

Reveal Beauty: Your Choice for Plastic Surgery Success

When the results we can achieve don’t match with a patient’s expectations, we tell our patients to reconsider. If a procedure isn’t safe, we won’t perform it. At Reveal Beauty, you can feel confident that if Dr. Clinton says yes, the procedure is a good option for you. Call our office to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Clinton: 205-408-9787.