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summer skincare tips

Summertime is the season of fun. But, these hot and sweaty months bring with them a new set of challenges to maintaining glowing, healthy skin. So, we here at Reveal Beauty have compiled five skincare routine tweaks to help your skin cope with the Birmingham heat. 

Here’s what you can do to fight back:

Try On A New Morning Regimen

    • Exposure to heat and sunshine increase production of grease and sebum, leading to a shiny and oil slick appearance. Switch up your cleanser for a gentler, natural charcoal-based product, especially if you have oily skin. These cleansers do an awesome job of breaking down grease and purifying pores and can be used on sensitive skin. 
    • Apply a botanical toner to hydrate and soothe your skin and fight flakiness. 
    • Use a lightweight moisturizer to lock in all the hydration you can
    • Most importantly, apply a high SPF sunscreen after your skin has absorbed its moisturizer. Exposure to UV rays is the number one cause of unwanted lines and wrinkles. Sunscreen defends skin from this damage and helps avoid premature aging. 
    • For Oily Skin: Apply Translucent Finishing Powder. Use a large brush after moisturizing. Then apply your foundation or make-up. This works to keep you looking dewy and fresh rather than greasy.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! 

    • Hydration rejuvenates your body to maintain a healthy baseline and balance of water and oils. As you sweat all day, you lose water, which is needed for your skin to function. Stay in cool and dry areas as much as possible. Consider a glass or aluminum water bottle as an eco-friendly way to stay hydrated all day long!

Make the Most of Nighttime

    • Your skin heals and regenerates at night. It can also be the ideal time to replenish moisture and repair damage. Do a cleanse with a gentle foaming soap. 
    • Apply a botanical toner and night serum to restore and soothe your skin. Bonus if you choose one with Guaiazulene, which works to combat sun damage and irritation. 
    • Apply a generous amount of moisturizing cream for overnight hydration. 

Treat Yourself to Some Sheet Masks

    • Sheet masks are the perfect summer treat. Try to find ones that target controlling sebum, or that say they calm inflammation.
    • Look for erythritol to cool skin temperature.
    • For oily skin: look for charcoal or bamboo sheet masks, these offer comfort, great adherence and give a deep boost to lasting moisturization. 

Utilize the Magic of Fruit

    • Many fruits such as Kiwi, Plums, and Watermelon are superfoods, which can be incorporated into your diet to give your body extra help in maintaining healthy summertime skin. Look for those that are high in Vitamin C. This multi-use vitamin not only helps to boost your immune system and stave off summer illnesses, and it has been proven to help improve skin rejuvenation and a healthy glow!