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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

You finally did it. You took the plunge and went ahead with your breast augmentation surgery. Now, all the resting time you spend just made you restless and couldn’t wait to get back in shape.

Sadly, the recovery period is necessary, as your body needs to heal. Fortunately, your recovery doesn’t have to be a complete bed rest because you still need to move around to prevent blood clots. The safest way to get back in shape is to ease your body into fitness patiently.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you shape up:

This is a recommended protocol, especially as your body heals within the first and second week of recovery. It’s advisable to walk for at least 15 minutes every hour that you’re awake to improve blood flow. As you walk, refrain from speeds that raise your heart rate. Don’t worry if you don’t sweat as you can still burn calories without it.

This is safe to perform on the third week of recovery. However, keep the reps at a minimum, like 10 to 15 only, so as not to strain your body. For variety, rotate lunges, leg presses, and squats on different days. Also, avoid weights as you perform these routines so as not to strain your pectoralis muscles, which are the main placement location of breast implants.

This is a great way to stay limber even if you’re not completely back in the gym yet. Keep in mind that for each stretch move your make that involves the pectoralis muscle, be sure to perform one move for your back. This can prevent tightness and aches in the back. For your safety, don’t force any stretch moves. Take your time as you perform each routine to ease your body.

As you receive the go signal to return to the gym, ease your body when you lift weights. Start with this routine using lighter dumbbells than you normally would before you venture on to triceps curls. When you perform this move, lean your body forward, and keep your elbows close to your body as you extend the weights toward your rear.

On the sixth week of your recovery, you may have regained all your strength back. However, don’t go all the way when you exercise. Also, it helps to check with your doctor and a physical trainer to guide you. Lastly, never exercise without a good pair of sports bra for support.

To learn more about breast augmentation and post-surgery recovery, talk with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clinton. Call today to schedule a consultation.