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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Discover your best body with plastic surgery this summer. Many of our patients choose to schedule their surgeries during the summer months, often using their vacation time for recovery. If you’re planning plastic surgery this summer, keep reading for tips and advice about recovery during warmer weather. Summer recovery does pose a few unique challenges, but has many exciting benefits as well. Call us today and schedule your consultation. Skip the beach and discover a better body instead this summer.

The Benefits of Summertime Plastic Surgery Recovery

Summer is a favorite time for plastic surgery for many patients. Students and teachers often have time off from school, making it easier to fit in surgery and recovery. Parents may have extra time without the daily run around taking kids to school. Many of our patients have time off during the summer and choose to pair their recovery with a nearby staycation. Whatever your reasons for considering plastic surgery this summer, we think you’ve chosen an excellent time to enhance and perfect your body.

The Challenges of Summertime Plastic Surgery Recovery

Warmer weather and sunny days outside can make plastic surgery recovery a little more challenging. The key to a successful recovery during the summer is knowing what to expect and properly preparing. You can have a successful recovery during the summer, but you will need to make a few accommodations to your summer plans.
• Extra Layers Can Get Hot- You’ll be heavily bandaged after your procedure and may need to wear a compression garment for several weeks. Some patients find that these extra layers can be hot and uncomfortable during warmer summer temperatures. Plan on spending more time indoors and using indoor cooling to keep your environment comfortable while you heal. It might be summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be hot and miserable.
• Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate- Dehydration can be a concern after a summertime surgery if you aren’t careful. Focus on drinking enough water every day, especially before and after surgery. Proper hydration can speed healing and may reduce uncomfortable post-surgery symptoms like nausea.
• Stay Out of the Sun- Incisions and scars are more prone to sun damage than regular skin. Take care to keep your incisions out of the sun until they are no longer pink. Too much sun, too soon can lead to a permanent darkening of scars. Many patients are more susceptible to sunburn right after surgery, especially in areas where the skin was lifted and circulation disturbed. Stay out of the sun and use lots of sunscreen this summer.
• Avoid Sitting Water- Summer is a time for swimming, unless you’ve recently had plastic surgery, of course. Avoid pools, oceans, lakes, and spas this summer to reduce your risk of infection. Showers with clean water are safe, but pools are a no-go for several weeks after surgery.
Call us today to schedule your plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Clinton. Skip the tan and discover your ideal breasts or a flatter tummy instead.