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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery



Tummy tucks can transform your body, transforming a flabby belly into tight, sculpted core. After surgery, you’ll likely look like you dropped a substantial amount of weight, but in reality, weight loss is often minimal. Weight loss after a tummy tuck doesn’t really matter. The real benefit of this surgery is the lasting improvement in your appearance. Learn more about weight loss and tummy tucks below or call our offices to schedule your consultation with Dr. Clinton.

How Much Excess Skin Do You Have?

You’d be surprised how much that extra skin you’re carrying around actually weighs. Patients that have lost a lot of weight often have a lot of excess tummy skin. The amount of weight you’ll lose after your tummy tuck will vary, depending on the amount of excess skin you have. Typically, post-bariatric patients lose more weight as they have more skin. Some lose 10 pounds or more from their tummy tuck. Patients choosing a tummy tuck to restore their body due to aging or pregnancies, lose less weight. Some don’t notice weight loss at all and others experience a minimal weight loss, typically under five pounds. Often a tummy tuck spurs on future weight loss, making it easier and more comfortable to exercise on your own.

Lose the Weight, Then Get a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a powerful body shaping treatment that removes excess skin and fat in the abdominal area. It also tightens and repairs the abdominal muscles. It isn’t a weight loss treatment. We recommend that patients lose weight first, getting as close to your ideal weight as possible before surgery. This allows Dr. Clinton to remove all your excess fat and to perfect your body shape. You’ll get better results from your tummy tuck if you achieve your ideal weight before surgery. Lose the weight, then come see us for a tummy tuck consultation.

Maintaining Your Tummy Tuck Results

With a little maintenance, you can enjoy lasting results from your tummy tuck. These simple tips will help you to enjoy your results for years to come.

Get your flat tummy back. Call us today and ask about a tummy tuck.