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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Why moms are our favorite patients.


It is a distinct pleasure to see a wide variety of patients, but if someone were to ask me to describe the most common patient, it would look something like this.  The patient would be female, late 30’s, early 40’s; mother of two to three children; possibly history of a c-section and breast feeding.  She lives a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet and exercise but she isn’t satisfied with the results.  She would like improvement in breast volume/shape/position, abdominal loose skin/stubborn fat; muscle laxity and body contour of lower back/inner and outer thighs/back of arms.  I think it’s important to note these patients typically have a very supportive spouse.  They have reached the point where they realize with frustration that the change they seek can not be achieved without aesthetic surgical intervention.

Each patient receives an individualized plan designed to help them reach their goals.  Often times, several issues can be addressed in one operative session.  Patients can usually shower and be back to driving in one to two days.  We enjoy caring for this group as much as any.  Their satisfaction level after the procedure tends to be very high.  Are you interested in exploring your options? If you never ask, you will never know.  We provide a private, no pressure, no rush consultation at your convenience.  YOU are the focus of our practice of aesthetic medicine.