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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Get your body ready for summer with liposuction. Come in this spring for liposuction and enjoy sexier curves this summer and beyond. Liposuction results can last for years with the right maintenance. Learn what you need to know to maintain and enhance your liposuction results with this helpful guide from Dr. Clinton, a top plastic surgeon in Birmingham, AL.

Getting Started- How to Get the Best Results from Your Liposuction

Before you can maintain your liposuction results, you need to create them. Get results you’ll want to maintain with these helpful tips:

After Liposuction- How Long Until I See Results?

You’ll see changes in your body shape immediately after liposuction. These results will continue to improve as swelling decreases. Most patients take a few days off from work with an office-type job, longer for jobs that require physical labor. Much of the swelling from liposuction will be gone in a few weeks, but you may have some slight, residual swelling that persists for several months. Be patient. It can take time to see your full liposuction results, but they are worth the wait.

Maintaining Your Liposuction Results- Our Tips for Success

With proper care your liposuction results can last for years. Many patients enjoy a lifelong improvement in the appearance of the treated area. If you want your results to last, these tips are essential.

Enhancing Your Liposuction Results

Dr. Clinton is a skilled and experienced liposuction surgeon, well-known for his natural-looking results. He’ll remove fat and shape your body through liposuction. Many of the changes you’ll experience will happen in the operating room, but there are some things you can do at home to enhance your results.

Maintaining and enhancing your liposuction results will ensure that you’re happy with your new look for years to come. Call us today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Clinton. Enjoy a better body this summer, and with the right maintenance, for many summers to come.