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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

You’ve sacrificed your body to create new life. Most moms will tell you every stretch mark and saggy breast was worth it. However, just because you have no regrets doesn’t mean you have to endure it. If you’re disappointed by your post-baby body, invest in a mommy makeover. By combining plastic surgery procedures, we can restore your body after you have a baby. Have your children and your body too!

Dr. Clinton offers mommy makeover surgery to women in the Birmingham, AL, area. Call our office at 205-408-9787 to schedule a consultation.

The Magic of a Mommy Makeover: It’s All About the Combination

Like cookies and milk or snowflakes and cocoa – some things are better together than they ever could be on their own. A mommy makeover relies on this principle to elevate the results of common plastic surgery treatments like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. In a mommy makeover, we combine several surgical treatments to reverse common post-baby body complaints and restore your body after pregnancy. 

Pregnancy causes many changes to the body. One surgical procedure doesn’t have the power to reverse them all. By combining treatments, we can address saggy breasts and stretched-out abdominal muscles, stretch marks, and excess fat, all with one transformative trip to the operating room.

Combining treatments means better results with less recovery. You’ll recover from all your treatments together for less missed work and less downtime. And when you have young children, as many of our mommy makeover patients do, minimizing downtime isn’t just convenient, it’s necessary.

How Many Treatments Can I Receive at Once?

We customize your mommy makeover to address your specific post-pregnancy body concerns. Dr. Clinton will help you choose procedures. Common treatments for a mommy makeover include the following.

You may receive two or three treatments, or all of these and more, depending on your goals for surgery. 

It’s usually safe to perform several treatments on the same day. If you’re receiving multiple extensive surgeries, Dr. Clinton may recommend splitting your mommy makeover into multiple operations. Safety is our priority. We combine when we can, but when it is safer to break procedures up, we always opt for safety over convenience. 

Why would it be unsafe to combine some treatments? Timing is a crucial factor to consider. Each procedure takes a specific amount of time to complete. We limit the amount of time patients spend under anesthesia to safe levels. Your health and your medical history may impact the amount of time you can safely spend in surgery.

Learn More About Birmingham, AL Mommy Makeover Today

Get your body back after pregnancy. Our mommy makeover can tighten, sculpt, shape, and refine your body so you can feel confident in your appearance again. Call Reveal Beauty to schedule your consultation and to learn more.