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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Every family has a nosy Aunt Mabel. You know, the one that asks inappropriate questions such as, “When you are you having babies?”, “Did you gain weight?”, and “Have you had work done?” It wouldn’t be the holidays without a family snafu or two, but this guide will help you prepare to answer those obnoxious questions with class. 

Which of these comeback replies will you choose when faced with an inappropriate question? Whatever you choose, stay calm and don’t get angry. Often, annoying questions come from a place of love and a desire to connect, however misguided the attempt may be.

You Don’t Have to Answer

When someone asks a question you don’t want to answer, a blunt, but straightforward, solution is to say something like, “I’m not comfortable answering that,” or “That’s none of your business.” 

This approach can leave whoever originally asked the question feeling uncomfortable, but remember, their question did the same for you. If you don’t want to answer a question, don’t. 

While declining to answer is an effective way to stop nearly all problematic questions, it can create awkward moments and hurt feelings. For a subtler approach, try one of the options below.

Change the Subject

In our opinion, “This pumpkin souffle is delicious. Don’t you agree?”, is the perfect answer to, “Have you had plastic surgery?” Don’t acknowledge the inappropriate question. Instead, start talking about something else.

Embrace Your Changes

Plastic surgery isn’t something to be embarrassed about. You don’t have to tell anyone about your surgery if you don’t want to, but many of our patients choose to embrace their new look and brag about how they achieved it. 

“I did have plastic surgery. Don’t I look great?” 

Don’t forget to send your loved ones our way if they also want to enhance their appearance with Dr. Clinton.

Time for More Pie?

Sometimes, the best response to a rude question is another piece of pie. Walk away from the situation and go somewhere else. If Aunt Edith is asking questions she shouldn’t, pull away from the conversation for a heart-to-heart with your favorite uncle or step outside for some refreshing fall air.

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