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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery


A woman’s breasts are a symbol of femininity. Full, lifted breasts can make a woman feel, well womanly. Otherwise, small or sagging breasts can affect a woman’s self-confidence. As women age or have children, they tend to lose the youthful shape of their breasts, either through loss of volume due to breastfeeding or weight loss.

If you’re unhappy with your breasts, a breast enhancement may correct them. The most popular procedures are breast lift and breast augmentation. These two have a common goal, which is to enhance the look, shape and feel of your breasts, but these both differ in many aspects.

Some women prefer breast lifts while others choose to get breast augmentation. There are also those who request both of these procedures. If you’re confused whether to go with a breast lift, a breast augmentation or both, let’s take a close look at each procedure to help guide you.

What is breast augmentation?

As the name suggests, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the shape and size of the breasts. This involves inserting breast implants, either silicon or saline implants, to make the breasts appear fuller. The shape can also appear rounder, depending on your choice of implants.

Is breast augmentation for me?

If you want to enhance your breasts’ size or you want to add more cleavage so you can look extra flattering when wearing clothes with low necklines, then breast augmentation is definitely for you.

This is also for you if you want to tighten the skin on your breast area along with enlarging your breasts.

What is a breast lift?

The sole purpose of this surgical procedure is to lift sagging breasts so they look rejuvenated and youthful. It can also correct nipples that are pointing downwards. Along with raising the breasts, breast lift can also reshape the breasts as well as tighten the skin.

Is a breast lift for me?

This cosmetic surgical procedure is perfect for you if you’re perfectly happy with your breast size, and you just want to lift them and correct the position of your nipples. Moreover, breast lift is ideal for those whose breast areolas are too large and want the size reduced.

Can I get both a breast lift and breast augmentation?

Sure, you can! What’s great about these two breast enhancement procedures is that they can be performed in conjunction with the other. So if you have sagging breasts and you want them lifted along with enlarging your breasts, you can definitely request for a breast augmentation and breast lift.

If you’re unsure which procedure is right for you, consult with Dr. Clinton. He will perform a thorough breast examination and discuss with your desired results as well as make recommendations. Schedule a free consultation today.