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body-contouringDoes Fat Come Back After Liposuction (Lipoplasty) ?

I frequently get asked if fat comes back or forms in another place after liposuction.  First of all, liposuction is really a term of the past being replaced by lipoplasty. Many of the modern techniques involve emulsifying or melting fat, followed by suction removal of the byproduct. This should be called lipoplasty.  Let’s get back to the original question of fat returning or reforming elsewhere after treatment.  Most people believe that once we become adults, or at least start healing like an adult (typically in our early 20’s) the total number of fat cells is fixed.  When we reduce that total number through lipoplasty, then the total fat cell number is permanently lower.  The remaining cells can hypertrophy or get larger, but not multiply.  Furthermore, there is no evidence that lipoplasty will change the distribution of fat.  Some have worried, for example, that their earlobes or bottom will alone start getting bigger.  There is no evidence to support this concern.  Finally, body contouring using lipoplasty is an extremely effective method and has a very good safety record.

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