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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Wrinkles got you down? Wrinkles, sagging, and drooping are a part of aging, but you have the power to turn back the clock. A facelift restores a more youthful appearance to the lower two-thirds of the face. Patients often look 10 years younger after surgery. If a facelift is great on its own, imagine what it can do when combined with complementary procedures. Transform your entire face from brow to chin.

What Procedures Complement a Facelift?

A facelift is a powerful transformation, dramatically changing the appearance of the lower face. What it doesn’t do however, is address other issues common with facial aging. By combining your facelift with a complementary procedure, you can rejuvenate the entire face. Come see us and we’ll help you choose complementary procedures that address your areas of concern. Here are some top picks:

Can I Have All My Procedures Performed at the Same Time?

We do our best to combine treatments whenever we can, but it isn’t always possible. We’ll work with you to create a treatment schedule that minimizes downtime and combines treatments as possible. We can often perform all your treatments with a single trip to the operating room.

Take your facelift to the next level by pairing it with a complementary treatment. We’re happy to make recommendations and help you find solutions to your biggest aesthetic complaints. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Clinton.