We will be open this entire week and we will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (Monday, Dec. 25th) and Tuesday, December 26th.

We will also be closed for New Years, we will go back to business hours as usual, January 2nd.

Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

This is Dr. Michael Clinton and I’m listening. Listening to my patients and my friends.

Health care reform in its present form is really hurting us. Drastically higher premiums and deductibles have reasonable, responsible citizens scared to death and circling the wagons. It is negatively effecting many aspects of our lives either directly or indirectly.
It’s time for something positive.
We feel you deserve a break…and we’re going to give you one.
We’ve never made this offer before and who knows….we may not again.  But from now until Labor Day, CPS if offering you a 20% discount on your surgical fee if you book and pay for your procedure before Labor Day. Call right now for details.

Feel better yet? Just wait until you see the results.

Reveal Beauty….Revealing beauty, not creating it.
It’s all we do, all the time.