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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Reveal Beauty

Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin Augmentation in Birmingham, AL

Chin Alteration, also known as Mentoplasty, is intended to improve the appearance of the chin by changing the projection or shape. Augmentation increases the projection and changes the shape by either the use of implants or bone movement. Implants are considered less invasive. The final operative plan will be determined by your consultation. It is often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures.

What to Expect

Since chin surgery is often combined with other complementing techniques, it is usually performed as an outpatient, under a light general anesthetic. There can be flexibility in anesthetic choices depending on unique patient characteristics and procedures selected.

The incisions used for this procedure are usually placed inside the mouth, between the gums and the lower lip, or externally near the crease under the chin.

Chin Augmentation | Post-Surgery Care

All patients are evaluated no later than the day after surgery. Postoperative care and recovery is again discussed in great detail. Care of the operative is detailed in the written and verbal instructions. Phone calls are encouraged if there is need of clarification. There should be no heavy lifting, strenuous activity or “straining” for two more weeks. Return to work or other more specific activities should be addressed with the physician/nurse since there can be a high degree of variability in demand and a plan can often be developed to enable you to return to more normal activity faster.

Chin Augmentation | Results

Results can be long term but certainly are impacted by weight loss/gain, environmental factors and the natural aging process.

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