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Buttock Lift Surgery

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Buttock Lift Surgery

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Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock Lift in Birmingham, AL

If you are unhappy with the look of your buttocks, a Buttock Lift could give you the look you’ve always wanted. This surgery improves the posterior area between the lower back and the upper thigh crease using several potential techniques. If you have excess skin and fat, these can be removed through lipoplasty or liposuction and surgical excision. The tissue can then be lifted and reshaped. If there are areas that need more fullness, free fat grafting can be done.

Your choice of surgeon is very important because only someone with the necessary experience can determine the right techniques for your individual case. Dr. Clinton and Dr. Pearce have performed numerous successful Buttock Lifts, and they give all of their patients a great deal of one-on-one attention. They are great listeners and are empathetic to your concerns. Most importantly, they have the training and experience to evaluate your case carefully and create a unique surgical plan for you.

What Happens During a Buttock Lift?

A Buttock Lift is usually performed as an outpatient procedure with the patient under a light general anesthetic. There can be flexibility in anesthetic choices depending on your unique characteristics.

The classic incisions are usually placed in the natural crease between the upper thigh and the torso. The quality of the final scar can vary greatly and depends on many different factors, but we can provide methods for improving the scars and speeding their healing. They will fade and become smoother over the weeks and months after surgery.

This surgery is customized based on your needs. The buttocks are sculpted based on what you want. Lipoplasty or liposuction is used to remove excess fat by inserting a cannula (tube) in small incisions and attaching the cannula to a suction device. Excess skin is also removed, if necessary, in order to recontour the area.

If you wish to add volume to the buttocks, this is usually done with free fat grafting. In this case, lipoplasty or liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body, and that fat is treated and injected into the area of the buttocks where you need increased volume. Using your own fat creates a natural look, and there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

After the appropriate time in our recovery room, you can go home with the help of a friend or family member. You should not drive for 24 hours, due to the effects of the anesthesia.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from a Buttock Lift?

We will send you home with written instructions for how to take care of yourself after your surgery. This will be a reinforcement of verbal instructions that you will receive on several occasions. You will also be evaluated no later than the day after your procedure and monitored during your recovery period. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions at all.

Some bruising, swelling, and discomfort are expected after surgery. Swelling is usually the last side effect to go away completely. If you experience pain, you can take oral medications. Non-prescription meds may be sufficient, but if you need something stronger, please use the prescription provided.

You must avoid heavy lifting and any strenuous activity or “straining” for at least two weeks, perhaps longer. Most patients return to office work within 10-14 days, but we will discuss this with you based on your individual case. We will provide you with a post-operative plan to help you return to all normal day-to-day activities as soon as possible.

Results from a Buttock Lift are long-lasting, but they can eventually be affected by weight loss/gain, environmental factors, and the natural aging process.

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