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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Reveal Beauty

Browlift Surgery

Brow Lift in Birmingham, AL

Browlift, also known as forehead lift, even endoscopic brow lift, is designed to elevate the sagging soft tissue of the brow and forehead area. Brow sagging can create a hooding resulting in an angry or sad appearance and even compromise visual fields.

What to Expect

This outpatient procedure is usually performed with the assistance of an endoscope to minimize skin incision length and often in combination with face lifting and eyelid lifting. Scars are usually hidden behind the hairline. Anesthesia varies from IV sedation to light general depending on if this is accomplished as a single or combination procedure.

Browlift | Post-Surgery Care

All patients are evaluated no later than the day after surgery. Postoperative care and recovery is again discussed in great detail. Care of the operative area is detailed in the written and verbal instructions. Phone calls are encouraged if there is need of clarification. There should be no heavy lifting, strenuous activity or “straining” for one week.

For the next two weeks, “if it hurts,” avoid it, if not, just be cautious for two more weeks. Return to work or other more specific activities should be addressed with the physician/nurse since there can be a high degree of variability in demand and a plan can often be developed to enable you to return to more normal activity, faster.

Browlift | Results

Results can be long term but certainly are impacted by weight loss/gain, environmental factors, and the natural aging process.

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