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Tips for Face Mask Skincare

Tips for Face Mask Skincare

To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’re all doing our part by wearing face masks. Masks effectively block viral particles, but they can also clog your pores. If breakouts, rashes, and dry skin are part of your mask experience, we have some tips for face mask skincare. Wear a mask, but not at […]

Tips for Managing Dry Skin from Frequent Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Tips for Managing Dry Skin from Frequent Hand Washing

Handwashing and sanitizing are vital to stop the spread of COVID-19, but they can dry out your skin if you don’t take the proper steps. Here are our tips for keeping your hands happy and healthy during these difficult times. Are You Washing Your Hands Properly? It sounds almost too simple to help, but handwashing […]

2020s Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Undereye Bags

Pack your bags! We’re not talking about a trip to Bermuda, although escaping winter’s chill sounds wonderful right now. This blog is all about undereye bags, those pesky bulges that leave you looking tired and worn out, even when you’re well-rested.  No one wants the aged appearance of bags under the eyes. We’ll teach you […]

5 Skincare Tips for Hot Summer Days

Summertime is the season of fun. But, these hot and sweaty months bring with them a new set of challenges to maintaining glowing, healthy skin. So, we here at Reveal Beauty have compiled five skincare routine tweaks to help your skin cope with the Birmingham heat.  Here’s what you can do to fight back: Try […]

Active Ingredients to Look for in Skincare Products

Reading labels can help you find the best skin care products for you, but if you’re like many of our patients, read a label alone doesn’t provide all of the information you need to make a good choice. There are different ingredients used in skin care products to improve and enhance the skin. Finding the […]

Skincare Habits to Adopt in the New Year

It’s not too late to add another resolution to your list. Tweak your skincare routine and swap in some healthy skin habits. You’ll be rewarded all year long with smoother, brighter skin and a rejuvenated facial appearance. Call 205-408-9787 for personalized skincare advice or to schedule a skin treatment at our medical spa. How do […]

We Invite You To Explore Your Beauty’s Full Potential

MediSpa treatments have become increasingly popular in recent years. These type of procedures resemble a relaxing spa experience combined with cosmetic expertise. To schedule a MediSpa treatment consultation, contact us today!

What’s the Best Facial for Your Skin Type?

Achieving your best skin isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need individualized treatment and skincare advice from the professionals at Clinton Plastic Surgery. We encourage you to call our office at 205-408-9787 to schedule a consultation with our team. After examining your skin and talking about your skin concerns, we can better recommend facials and skin treatments that […]

Update Your Skincare Routine for the Season at Our Medical Spa

The transition from warm summer weather to cooler fall temperatures can take a toll on your skin. Come into Clinton Plastic Surgery’s medical spa and get your skin ready for a new season. Changing seasons mean changing skincare needs, and we’re ready to help you find solutions to your individual needs. Winter Skin- What You […]

What is INFINI and How Does it Work?

Tighter, smoother skin is within reach, and even better, it doesn’t require surgery. Our INFINI high-intensity RF microneedling treatment can transform your skin and smooth those wrinkles. It is one of our most effective skin rejuvenation options and is a patient favorite here at Clinton Plastic Surgery. Microneedling + Radiofrequency: INFINI Combines 2 Top Anti-Aging […]