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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

You’re 30 and fabulous, but what about your breasts? If your ladies are a little lacking, come see us and ask about breast augmentation. This procedure is an excellent option for women in their 30s to increase size and rejuvenate the breasts. If you’re thinking about breast augmentation in your 30s, this guide will answer some of your biggest questions and will provide tips to ensure your best results. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Clinton today.

Why the 30s are a Prime Time for Breast Augmentation

You’re young and healthy and old enough to know what you really want. Many women choose breast augmentation in their 30s. Often, these women have wanted to change their breast size since their late teens, but finally are in a financial and emotional position to make it happen. You may have experienced breast changes from aging, weight loss, or pregnancy. The 30s are an excellent time to think about breast augmentation.

Have Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Changed Your Breasts?

Many women in their 30s have had a pregnancy or two, often causing big changes to the breasts. Many women experience sagging and volume loss after pregnancy. Breast augmentation can restore lost volume and when paired with a breast lift can correct sagging too. If you’re considering breast augmentation to reverse pregnancy related changes, keep these tips in mind.
• Are You Finished Having Children?- You don’t have to wait until you’ve finished having children to get breast augmentation, but some women choose to. Future pregnancies can cause further breast changes. If you’re planning future pregnancies, talk with Dr. Clinton to determine if the timing is right or if you should wait.
• You May Need a Lift- Breast augmentation alone can’t correct breast sagging. If you have moderate to severe sagging, you’ll likely need a breast lift too. We can perform this procedure at the same time as your breast augmentation. Depending on the extent of sagging, a lift may require additional incisions.

Do You Need a Mammogram?

If you’re in your late 30s, you may need a mammogram before breast augmentation. This allows us to check for potential problems before surgery and gives a good baseline view of your breast tissue for future mammograms. If you’re older than 35, we may recommend getting a mammogram before surgery.
Once you have implants, you’ll still need mammograms, at the schedule recommended by your doctor. Your family history and breast cancer risk may affect how frequently you need mammography.
We want you to love your breasts. If you don’t, come see us. Breast augmentation accounts for 37% of all cosmetic surgical procedures performed on women in their 30s and is the top procedure for this age group. Learn more about your options by scheduling your consultation.