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Anti-Aging and Lip Plumping?

Many people see crows’ feet appear near the eyes or neck sagging beginning in their 30s and 40s. But have you overlooked aging signs around your smile?
Sultry volume or the smooth contours of youth: which could your mouth use? For many approaching midlife, mouth revitalization means both softening lines and restoring volume to thinning lips. At Reveal Beauty, our aesthetic specialists accomplish both with one quick, non-surgical treatment.
Let us help you look as vibrant as you feel. Read on to discover how lip fillers provide fuller lips and erase lines that give away age.

What Signs of Aging Do Your Lips Show?

Lips get a lot of action. Besides puckering up, they’re moving whenever you eat and talk.
As with all skin, the mouth area loses collagen and thickness over time. That means dynamic muscle movement under the skin forms wrinkles.
“Smoker’s lines” refer to vertical indents surrounding the mouth, usually on the upper lip between the pink part and your nose.
Besides bone and teeth changes, natural hyaluronic acid, facial fat, and collagen all diminish with age, which causes lips to thin noticeably after midlife.
Have you developed more lines and less “oomph” to your pout? There are DIY ways to help stave off aging signs, including exfoliation, hydration, protein and vitamin intake, and sun protection.
But when the time comes to intervene with professional help, we’ve got you.

Lip Fillers at Any Age- How Do We Keep It Natural?

Men and women who seek dermal filler injections for lips often want to correct lines and wrinkles, but don’t want dramatic size increases.
Hyaluronic acid filler (HA) is available in numerous consistencies and types, each designed for particular facial regions. This natural, sugar molecule-derived gel temporarily fills and restores hydrating volume where injected. For the delicate mouth region, this can be done with the utmost subtlety.
Unlike lip filler injected to plump the lips, the type we insert above lips is thin, fluid, and exceptionally soft. It doesn’t feel firm (or like much at all), but it has just enough consistency to elevate vertical lines from underneath.
This is a favorite solution for the aging mouth, leaving clients looking natural and very much like themselves, only younger.
We can also improve smile lines and marionette lines (extending down from the mouth corners) for harmonious results.
A little goes a long way, and that’s true of fillers. At Reveal Beauty, we begin each treatment with a detailed discussion to understand your goals and options. You can start with a small amount of product and “tweak” with additional sessions later if you wish.

What Is Lip Filler Treatment Like?

Dermal filler injections take just a few minutes. We provide topical numbing to keep you comfortable and minimize any discomfort. The filler also contains lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that will last for a few hours after your treatment.
After planning with you, we’ll administer lip filler to strategic areas for volume restoration, antiaging effects, or both! Positive results can be seen right away, and one of the longer-term benefits of HA is that it stimulates your own collagen production too.
Patients can apply ice for temporary swelling if needed, and most return to regular activities right away.
You can expect between 6 to 9 months of improvement. Everyone metabolizes the product a little differently.

Ready to Turn Back Time for Your Lips?

We’ll be happy to see you for a consultation and plan your revitalizing, non-surgical lip enhancement. It’s remarkable how quickly and naturally lip fillers can improve your overall appearance. Call (205) 408-9787 or contact us online to schedule your treatment today.