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Reveal Beauty Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is consistently the top cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. and has been since 2006. Breast augmentation is always popular, but over the years we’ve seen various trends arise, affecting our patients wants and desires as they prepare for the procedure. What were the top breast augmentation trends in 2017? Will these trends stick around for 2018? Find out below or call our offices to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Clinton.

Gummy Bear Implants Are Here to Stay

“Gummy bear” breast implants, also known as cohesive silicone gel implants, are a newer type of breast implant. They’ve been available for about 5 years and continue to gain popularity. Like the name implies, gummy bear implants are filled with a more cohesive than a traditional saline or silicone implant. Cut one in half and the filling should remain in place, like a gummy bear. One of the big benefits of a gummy bear implant is the low leak and rupture rate. Current testing puts the rupture rate at about 2.6% over 9 years. Should a rupture occur, the gel won’t leak into the body. It is also expected that these implants will hold shape better than other implant types.

Gummy bear implants are different than a traditional saline or silicone implant, but they feel very soft and natural, especially after they’ve been placed into the breasts. Come in for a consultation to feel these implants for yourself and to decide if this trend is one you want to participate in. We are loving the results we see using these implant.

Less Is More

When it comes to breast augmentation, less is often more. We aren’t talking about cup size, that’s up to you. Less downtime and less invasive are two breast augmentation trends we see sticking around. There are a few ways that women are getting more for less with breast surgery in 2018.

Smaller Implants Are In

Natural looking plastic surgery results are a growing trend that we see continuing throughout 2018 and beyond. Many women are choosing to downsize large implants and some are choosing to remove them altogether. As you prepare for breast surgery, think about the results you want and work with Dr. Clinton to turn those dreams into reality. Generally, women get better results by choosing implants that are appropriately sized for their anatomy. Your frame and the amount of natural breast tissue you have should be considered as you choose your implants. We’ll work with you to find implants that are not too big and not too small, perfectly sized for you.

A New Body After Baby

Babies take their toll on a woman’s body. We love that the mommy makeover trend is helping women to feel confident and beautiful again after baby. A mommy makeover combines surgical procedures to enhance and restore the body after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Breast surgeries, including breast augmentation, are a common addition.

Sexy and mom are two words that belong together. The mommy makeover trend is one we don’t think will ever end. Every woman wants to look their best after pregnancy.  Breast augmentation can get your breasts back!

Always On-Trend: Natural Looking Breast Enhancement

Do you want breast implants that will always be on-trend? Natural looking results never go out of style. Big butts might be in this year or big breasts the next, but an attractive, natural looking appearance will always turn heads. Let us help you achieve a natural looking and aesthetically pleasing breast augmentation result.

Trends come and go, but we are excited to see many of these 2017 breast augmentation trends stick around for another year. Plastic surgery is constantly changing, improving, and getting better. Come see us to explore your options and to discover a new you in 2018.